Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana, commonly referred to as spice, was available for legal purchase by teens in the U.S. until July of 2012.  Because the chemicals contained in Spice have a high potential for abuse with no medical benefits, the Drug Enforcement Administration designated the 5 most commonly found as Schedule 1 controlled substances. This made them illegal to posses, buy or sell.

Manufactures of synthetic marijuana claimed that it was made from natural herbs that produced a high much like marijuana.  Because it was cheap and easy to buy, along with it’s perceived safety, it became very popular among teens.

Spice can raise the blood pressure, reduce blood flow to the heart, and has been associated with heart attacks.

Synthetic marijuana does not produce positive results for cannabis on urine or hair drug screens; making it even more appealing to teens. If you suspect that your teen may be using synthetic marijuana, Secret Drug Test has a home drug test that will detect it.


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