Top Ten Reasons For Teen Substance Abuse

There are many reasons why teens chose to abuse drugs and alcohol. Recent studies show that the main reason teens are using drugs is to solve problems. By knowing the reasons for teen substance abuse, parents can form better prevention strategies.

For instance, research shows that the brain is not fully formed until a person reaches their twenties. The prefrontal cortex is in charge of judgement and decision making; it is the last area of the brain to develop.

Because the part of their brain that aids in decision making and judgement is not fully formed,  teens are likely to find it difficult to solve problems. Thus causing stress which may lead to substance abuse.

Teenage Drug Addiction and Rehab Centers UK

Teaching children life skills such as problem solving and dealing with stress in a healthy way goes a long way toward substance abuse prevention. A good place to start is MindTools where you will find simple processes and techniques to help you and your teen learn essential skills to improve your life and career.

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