Heroin and Its Rapid Addiction Cycle

Why is heroin so addictive? When heroin enter the body it heads straight for the users brain. Once there it takes over the parts of the brain that are responsible for “reward” and addiction.

Heroin will trick a users brain into stopping the production of reward feelings on its own. When a user stops taking heroin they do not have any good feelings; their brain is no longer producing “reward” feelings so heroin use was the only way of achieving it.

Heroin Addiction Cycle

Addicts oftentimes continue to use heroin just to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification programs are available to achieve safe and humane withdrawal from heroin by minimizing the severity of withdrawal symptoms and other medical complications.
Worried that your teen may be abusing prescription pain medicine? People addicted to prescription pain medicines sometimes turn to heroin when the pain pills become too expensive. Find out if your teen is using drugs without him or her knowing.

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