CASA Calls Teen Substance Use Americas No. 1 Health Problem | CADCA


“Parenting” (Photo credit: vanhookc)

Teen substance abuse is threatening the lives of our children. It is high time we stop ignoring the problem as a community, as educators and certainly as parents. As a parent myself I understand the many problems parents face when it comes to their children and the subject of drug abuse.

The top reasons parents give for being against drug testing at school and at home are:

  • Privacy issues. Parents oftentimes feel that searching their children’s rooms and/or personal belongings is just not right
  • Trust. Parents want to trust their children and want their children to trust them.  This leads parents to do nothing that is proactive to ensure their children are not using drugs.
  • Fear. Oftentimes parents are afraid of what they may find and/or how their children my re-act.  So they decide that if they do not see it, it must not be a problem.
  • Lack of knowledge. Something I hear so often from parents is that they know nothing about today’s drugs or their affects. Not having the knowledge that they believe they need to act, causes parents to basically wait until something  major (like their child overdosing) happens before they act.

Learn what you can do to help your teen stay away from drugs by visiting Secret Drug Test’s site for Parents today! 

In June of 2011 The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University released this report: CASA Calls Teen Substance Use Americas No. 1 Health Problem | CADCA. The study looked at how American culture increases the risk of teens abusing drugs and how adults contribute to the teen substance abuse problem with the messages they send.

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