Prescription Abuse (The Invisible Addiction)

Teenage prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic. As America’s number one health concern, it’s time parents take notice. The most commonly abused prescription drugs are pain killers. This poses an even bigger danger as teens and young adults are finding it harder and harder to get the prescription medicine in which they are addicted.

The prescription pain killers are also becoming more expensive.

Prescription Abuse (The Invisible Addiction)

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So what is the danger besides prescription drug abuse? Heroin addiction. Heroin is easier to find and cheaper than prescription pain killers such as oxycodone, methadone, and morphine. Many parents are unaware of the prescription drug abuse problem among teens and are completely shocked to learn how easy it is for teens to get heroin.

Educate yourself about drugs, prevention, and addiction. Learn the signs of substance abuse and pay attention to your children.


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