October is National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month

October is National Medicine Medicine Abuse Awareness Month. Parents needs to be very aware of drug trends and the warning signs of substance abuse. Even if you are sure your child is too young to know anything about drugs and drug abuse, talk to them anyway. Children as young as 9 are abusing cough and cold medicine.

Studies have consistently shown that when parents talk to their children about drugs and drug abuse, children are 50% less likely to try drugs. For the thousands of parents who are unsure how to talk to young children about drugs, download this free e-book – The Parent’s Early Prevention Handbook – which is a guide for talking to children age 10 and under about the dangers of drugs and drug abuse.

The key to preventing your child from living  a life long struggle with substance abuse is to stop them from ever trying drugs. Conversation is invaluable in drug prevention. There are risk factors that can be prevented as well. To learn about the risk factors of substance abuse and how to stop them, read 21 Factors Putting Your Teen at Risk for Drug Use.

To celebrate Nation Medicine Abuse Awareness Month, visit The Medicine Abuse Project. Take their pledge to talk to your family about medicine abuse and help prevent half a million teens from abusing medicine.




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